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99.5% of all wells we participate with are profitable to our investors
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Who We Are

Uk Universal Group is a non-operating oil and gas exploration company based in Plano, Texas with satellite offices based in London and Vancouver. We specialize in oil and gas lease, land acquisition, production development and the most successful strategic partnerships with industry partners like Marathon Oil, Hunt Oil, and Hess Oil. Our management team has over 20years experience in the oil and gas industry and our domestic oil and gas production continues to increase in North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas.


Our Products

Our Clients

UK Universal Group is a partnership with Marathon oil, Hess oil, Hunt oil and many other suppliers. Our businesses are engaged in purchasing non-operating working interest for oil and gas projects.


Our Businesses

Our business is mainly to purchase non-operating working interest. We also participate in the sale of oil and gas products with large scale traders and refineries.



Through our extensiveness partnership with GDX across the globe we also supply the following commodities.

Minerals: Iron-Ore, Minerals: Iron-ore Fines, Minerals: Copper Cathode, Fuel: Mazut M-100, Fuel: D2 Gas Oil, Fuel: Cokin Coal, Fuel: JP 54 Avaition Fuel, Food: White Refined Sugar

Steel Procurement

Steel Procurement

Through our business collaboration with house of trade, we now have the ability to procure variety of products.

OCTG: Casting, OCTG: Tubing, OCTG: Coupling Stock, OCTG: Line Pipe, OCTG: Drill Pipe, OCTG Materials: HRC (Hot Rolled Coil), OCTG Materials: CRC (Cold Rolled Coil), Building: HSS (Hollow Structural Section).

Global Ventures

Global Ventures

We are continually seeking new partnership and business collaborations across the world, please contact us to discuss

Mine Property: Coking Coal, Mine Property: Thermal Coal, Mine Property: Potash, Mine Property : Gold

UK Universal Group is a partnership of oil and gas suppliers from around the world. We are engaged primarily in the business of oil and gas production, and we work with large-scale traders and refineries to offer oil and gas investing opportunities. UK Universal Group is a direct supplier of crude oil and refined petroleum products. We facilitate sales and trades of oil and gas for clients across the globe, including those in the Far East, China, and the Philippines. UK Universal Group has a clear strategy when it comes to oil and gas investing. We achieve our vision for the future for our clients through experienced management, sales, and execution capabilities. In the long run, we achieve results.Our company is a direct supplier and trader of crude oil and petroleum products. We are successful in our oil and gas investing ventures because we enjoy a unique position from which to execute agreements directly with high-quality, brand-name buyers. UK Universal Group either holds title to products or acts as direct mandate to our suppliers. We operate off of a business model that regularly sees oil supply transactions executed successfully with large-scale buyers. Further, UK Universal Group is able to negotiate direct product ownership agreements with strategic suppliers, a fact that positions our clients for success.At UK Universal Group, we are honest in our dealings and do not misrepresent any of our transactions. We are your successful and agreeable partner in oil and gas investing. Call us today for more information on investing opportunities!